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City Commission Paperless Agendas

Below you can find a zip folder containing the City Commission Packet for the Upcoming City Commission Meeting.
Directions to Use:

  1. Click on the Link Below
  2. Choose Open or Open with: Windows Explorer depending on your web browser
  3. Click Extract All Files
  4. A Dialog Box will Appear
  5. In the Path Box, Type C:\Agendas
  6. Check "Show Extracted Files when Complete
  7. Click extract
  8. Close All Windows except the one that Opened after the Extraction.
  9. In the Folder Agendas, you should see a folder named with the date of the upcoming meeting - Open this Folder
  10. Open the File Named 1" - Agenda.doc"
  11. This file can be used to open the other Agenda Items.

City Commission Paperless Packet:

99 2nd Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601     ph. 1.701.456.7744