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Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is a five member board. Each member is appointed for a three term.

For a list of current members, please visit the Officials Directory.

The purpose of this Commission is to oversee the employment matters facing the City including, but not limited to, hiring, discipline, and reclassification. See descriptions below for more detailed descriptions of each of these.

All regular full-time and regular part-time City employees are in the Civil Service System, except the City Administrator.

City staff ranks applicatns for positions and recommends the "Certified List of Eligible Persons" to the Civil Service Commission. The Civil Service Commission designates a "Certified List of Eligible Persons" comprised of the top five applicants. The hiring Department Head then selects a person or persons to fill the opening or openings.

The Civil Service is the board of last appeal for employees facing discipline for all forms of discipline except terminations. In the case of terminations, the employee may appeal the decision as far as the City Commission.

Under the Civil Service System, managers regularly review the job requirements for all classifications of employees assigned to them. They then forward any changes to the City Administrator, who is responsible for updating the job descriptions. When the City Administrator believes the job requirements of any class have increased to the point of reclassifying that job to a higher grade within Civil Service, he/she will propose a reclassification for that class to the Civil Service Commission. In addition, individual employees are provided an opportunity to request reclassification, which the Civil Service Commission will consider.

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