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  • Being part of the Executive Team, Public Works Director, Gary Zuroff, provides leadership and management to 3 divisions of the Public Works Department. Crucial to the City infrastructure, the Public Works Department consists of Sanitation, Streets, and Water Utilities.

    Public Works Department is committed to excellence in providing dependable, professional, high quality, and responsive public works and utility services through sound management, innovation, teamwork, and vision for the City of Dickinson and Southwest North Dakota.

    We will work to ensure that our City grows and develops to enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses, and visitors in the most practical, useful, economical, safe, and beneficial way, while preserving the assets for future generations.

    Department Manager: Public Works Director

  • The Sanitation Division houses its offices at the City's baling facility, located at 3389 Energy Drive. Sanitation Manager, Aaron Praus, directly supervises 22 full time employees in the day to day operations of the department which is responsible for solid waste collection and disposal, landfill maintenance, and recycling. The City of Dickinson owns and operates one of only thirteen approved Municipal Solid Waste landfills in North Dakota providing proper disposal efforts of waste to the City of Dickinson and SW North Dakota. The Sanitation Department strives to provide economically beneficial, efficient, and safe waste management practices to preserve the environment and landscape for future generations while maintaining the safety, health, and well-being of our employees, citizens, and visitors.

    Residential cans should be out by 5am to assure your garbage will be picked up on your scheduled day.

    Department Manager: Solid Waste Manager, Aaron Praus

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  • The Street Maintenance Manager supervises the day to day operation of the Street Maintenance Department. The work of this division includes such assignments as street patching, snow removal, street cleaning, and small scale street reconstruction projects.

    The Street Maintenance Manager supervises six full-time employees, several seasonal employees during the summer months, and additional equipment operators and contractors hired to assist in snow removal as needed. Due to the limited size of the full-time staff, each staff member in this division is skilled in several areas of street maintenance.

    Depending on the demands of the division and the time of the year, staff size of this division can vary substantially. For instance, in the summer months several seasonal staff are hired, who are assigned to various needs, such as street patching, preparation for seal coat projects, etc... During storm events in winter or summer, additional staff and contractors are hired to make sure said events are managed and controlled in the most efficient manner possible.

    Department Manager: Street and Fleet Manager

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  • The City of Dickinson was designated as a MS4 community by the ND State Health Department in 2002. The city is required to develop a Phase II Storm Water Plan. This plan was adopted by the city commission on June 10, 2003.

    Public Works Director
    99 2nd Street East
    Dickinson, ND 58601

    Department Manager: Water Department Manager

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  • We are very pleased to present the City's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. The purpose of this report is to provide information to our customers about the quality of our drinking water and the potential health risks, if any, associated with any detected contaminants. It will also provide access to additional information that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your drinking water consumption. If you want to access the report must have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free downloadable program, loaded on your computer.

    Department Manager: Water Department Manager

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  • The City of Dickinson has a Class III Waste water Treatment Plant. The city discharges it's waste water to the Heart River, which is a class 1A stream. The city's treatment process consists of Pretreatment, Advanced Aeration and a four cell lagoon system.

    For years wastewater lagoon systems have provided secondary treatment performance to many small to medium sized communities. The attributes of these processes have been attractive as cost effective options for the treatment of municipal wastewater. The aeration segment in these systems is the most critical component and is the core of their biological treatment process. A lagoon systems ability to aerate the incoming sewage has a direct impact on the level of wastewater treatment it achieves.

    An ample oxygen supply in a wastewater pond system is the key to rapid and effective wastewater treatment. Oxygen is needed by the bacteria to allow their respiration reactions to proceed rapidly. The oxygen is combined by the bacteria with carbon to form carbon dioxide. Without sufficient oxygen being present, bacteria are not able to quickly biodegrade the incoming organic matter. In the absence of dissolved oxygen, degradation must occur under septic conditions which are slow, odorous and yield incomplete conversions of pollutants. Under septic conditions, some of the carbon will be react with hydrogen and sulfur to form sulfuric acid and methane. Other carbon will be converted to organic acids that create low pH conditions in the ponds and make the water more difficult to treat. For example, treated ponds designed to biodegrade wastewater pollutants without oxygen often must hold the incoming sewage for six months or longer to achieve acceptable levels of pollution removal.

    Department Manager: Waste Water Department Manager

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99 2nd Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601     ph. 1.701.456.7744