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The city of Dickinson has employed a City Administrator since 1996. The City Administrator oversees the day to day operation of the City and works with City Staff to insure the plans and priorities of the City Commission are carried out. As of 2013, Dickinson has an in-house City Attorney. It also contracts with Stark County for City Prosecution services through a private law firm. The management team reports to the City Administrator. It is comprised of six managers who are: Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Engineer, a Public Works Manager, a Finance Director, and a Community Development Director. The other participants on the management team are the Library Director, Museum Center Director, City Assessor, City Attorney, HR Coordinator, and the IT Coordinator. The Clerk of Court manages the day to day operation of the Municipal Court under the general oversight of the Municipal Judge. The City has about 110 full-time employees, including management staff to serve the people of Dickinson.

99 2nd Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601     ph. 1.701.456.7744