City of Dickinson, ND

Buildings and Grounds

As building systems become more complex, it is necessary to have people on staff capable of performing day to day maintenance and to identify problems.

Chief Facility Operator, Denny Smith supervises the staff of this subdivision. Besides Denny Smith there are two other full-time employees, who work with him – Todd Fisher and Brian Urbanec.

These employees clean snow from City properties and sidewalks in the Winter, mow City properties in the Summer, maintain the cemeteries, and operate the weed control and vector control programs.

Beginning in 2003, the City established a mosquito suppression program that has been very successful. Employees use a combination of larvicide and adulticide to suppress the numbers of mosquitoes. This year’s efforts have had a very noticeable affect on mosquito numbers.

Denny Smith
3411 Public Works Blvd.
Dickinson, ND 58601