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Chapter 26 – Parks

June 17, 2019

Last updated October 2007


26.00E                   Editor’s note to Chapter 26

26.010                   Park district–Created; named

26.020                   Same–Boundaries

26.030                   Same–Acceptance of state law

Section 26.00E  Editor’s note to Chapter 26

            As to cutting, etc., flowers, etc., see § 22-36 of this Code.

Section 26.010  Park district–Created; named

            There is hereby created a park district in the city, and the name of such dark district shall be the “Park District of the City of Dickinson.” (Code 1958, § 1-11.)

            For state law as to parks and park districts, see NDCC, § 40-49-01 et seq.

Section 26.020  Same–Boundaries

            The park district created by the preceding section shall embrace the whole of the territory within the limits of the city and such other areas as may from time to time be permitted by the laws of the state. (Code 1958, § 1-12.)

Section 26.030  Same–Acceptance of state law

            It is the intention of the board of city commissioners hereby to accept and to create a park district within the city under the provisions of chapter 40-49 of the North Dakota Century Code, and all acts or amendments which may be hereafter enacted or made. (Code 1958, § 1-13.)

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