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Fall CleanUp

September 9, 2019



Last modified: September 9, 2019

One Response to " Fall CleanUp "

  1. Bobbylee says:

    Why not have it for leaves time.. oct.. as no pickup to haul leaves , branches … last yr had to stor 25-35 bags of leaves and branch on lawn and put in two bags in at a time thru out fall ..winter than snow covered it.. so had to wait till spring thaw.. to put into garbage.., as on disability…I don’t have funds to hire it all done… causes me and others to stock pile.. daughter is paying now two garbage cans.. but most elderly are on limited funds.. stock piling starts to look bad as the piles builds.. unless we start cutting all the trees out of town.. or move out of our homes… we use to keep our town cleaner.. use to clean up our street.. not just our property..gave up cleaning street as cost more for bags, another garbage can… we don’ go out of our way to catch the garbage that the recycle guy spill over and he never picked up .. pride is not getting better… just getting by now…

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