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Winter Storm Operations Update

November 29, 2019

City Streets crews began to treat streets for ice on Thanksgiving Day and that work continued into the night and is still ongoing today. As of this morning, the primary routes have been treated and limited ice treatment on residential streets is being done at this time. As a significant snow event is predicted to move into our area later today, we anticipate crews will begin plowing overnight and will continue throughout the weekend. To increase efficiency and safety, we ask that no cars be parked on emergency snow routes once the snow has begun to accumulate- which is expected to be Friday evening. An official snow emergency declaration is expected overnight on Friday and will continue until all routes are cleared. Once that declaration has occurred, any vehicles parked on emergency snow routes will be towed at the owner’s expense. As this is expected to be a major event, we ask that parking also be limited as much as possible on all streets to allow crews to clear them as safely and efficiently as possible. With the ice, freezing temperatures, and predicted snowfall, we caution everyone to stay inside and travel only if necessary and to use extreme caution in driving or walking. Any additional updates will be posted on the City of Dickinson website and departmental Facebook pages. Thank you for your cooperation.

Last modified: November 29, 2019

2 Responses to " Winter Storm Operations Update "

  1. Russell Fast says:

    Good job getting the streets sanded and some roads cleared Fri/Sat!! I was impressed!

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