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Update to Dickinson’s Recycling Program

April 9, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 the Solid Waste Division is immediately implementing changes to Dickinson’s Recycling Program. With reduction of staff in the department due to COVID-19 and the intention to limit staff exposure to the waste stream, we are implementing temporary changes to our recycling protocol.

Transportation of recycling materials out of state to the Material Recycling Facility will be temporarily suspended and all solid waste material will be disposed of at the Landfill.

This will be a temporary, cautionary measure, and once the pandemic is over we will once again resume recycling operations as usual.

While the recycling program is being suspended at this time, please place only the black garbage containers out for pick-up. If the blue recycling containers are set out, they will not be picked up. Your pick-up schedule will remain the same. A fee adjustment will be noted in the bills you receive next month.

It is our utmost hope that in the near future, the residents of Dickinson will once again send the “Cleanest Recycling Material” to the facility in Minnesota.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

City of Dickinson Public Works

Last modified: April 9, 2020

3 Responses to " Update to Dickinson’s Recycling Program "

  1. The Sadowsky's says:

    What if we already have the blue container full & you have now stopped picking them up? Why is it not possible for you to pick that garbage up one last time for your customers. Not all of us knew about the change since our daily Press has gone away!

  2. Pastian says:

    What about the monthly fee associated with the recycling. That should go away too?

  3. Kimberly Dawn Hancock says:

    I don’t want to pay to recycle what you are charging. Never got a credit on my bill for when you stopped picking up due to covid 19. And now my bill for recycling has gone up. Are you able just to pick up the blue tote and take this high charge off of my bill?

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