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Election Update – 2020

April 23, 2020


For more information visit the Stark County Website or the ND Secretary of State Voice Your Vote Website.


Last modified: April 23, 2020

3 Responses to " Election Update – 2020 "

  1. BeLinda Schlichting says:

    This is fraud and you know it! If people can go to Walmart, Cashwise, Family fair, drive through restaurants we can darn well vote at the polls! This is the easiest way to harvest ballots. I will be contacting AG Barr to report this!
    This goes against our Constitutional Rights! All who vote should show proof of ID to to prove they are registered voters and residents as it has been done in this city for many years! Mail in voting will allow illegals aliens and non residents to vote and the City Knows That!!!
    Our City Mayor and Council of Dickinson should all be ashamed of such a crime against the People of Dickinsons who pay your wages!! You work for the people, we do not work for you!

    • Bob says:

      It’s very sad that ignorant people like Belinda have opinions. Sometimes it is better to have people think you are dumb than it is to open your mouth and prove it.

      • Loni Doppler says:

        Just to prove you wrong about Belinda, I requested about it and never got one and was never allowed to vote. Mail in voting is the biggest fraud in the history of the United States they pick and choose what votes they want to harvest so that their candidates can stay in. I want you to think about this, how much money is needlessly spent on road construction that doesn’t need to be done just so that they can “keep up with the Joneses”. That’s our tax dollars and what about the schools that don’t need to be built and the education system that’s failing we need new blood and they don’t want it.

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