City Weed Board Meeting – June 14, 2021

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  • What about neighbors who have been warned and then they cut their weeds down without grass catchers? My neighbor has been watering his weeds, letting them mature, then mows them down without a grass catcher and spreading them on to my property. I had to spray the south end of my lawn due Quack Grass he spread onto my property. Practically entire border of his lot is cover with weeds that he mows without a grass catcher and he waters it to get it to grow. I have complained and Mr. Dukart has notified this neighbor but the neighbor is making it worse purposely. I myself spray the weeds along the south back side of the property because her but wood chips down that does not stop the weeds from growing. I work to hard and spend a lot of money on my property to be letting this man destroy my property.
    This has been an on going battle since this neighbor moved in last year/2020. Also, he continues to throw the branches and leafs from the City Cotton Wood tree that happen to be on the right away in my yard. Can someone please explain this to him and make him stop?! I’m at my wits end and I need help!!

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