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Citizen Briefing – April 14, 2022

April 14, 2022


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Last modified: April 14, 2022

9 Responses to " Citizen Briefing – April 14, 2022 "

  1. Jerry Vance says:

    Are they coming back on the priority 1 and 2 and opening driveway on residential areas? My snowblower just broke down.

    • City of Dickinson. says:

      As crews go back through the Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes, they are working to keep snow in the driveway openings to a minimum.

      In the residential areas, a loader plow will make two passes and a front-end loader will follow to create a 10-to-12-foot opening for driveway access. Residential areas that were plowed yesterday will be revisited and the same plowing strategy will be applied

      • Richinda Schaff says:

        so whatever happened to that second front ;loader that was suppose to open up an opening for the driveway access, we sure never got that on my block

  2. Same Day Construction says:

    A big thank you to everyone working so hard to tackle this beast!!

  3. Adam Zent says:

    Why are they skipping houses, they did every other house on my street but mine 304 short dr.

  4. Rebecca Moldenhauer says:

    What are the Priority 1 and Priority 2 roadways???

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