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Winter Storm Operations – April 24, 2022 – Evening Update

April 24, 2022

Community Members,

The following is a quick synopsis of today’s activities as City crews wrap up their operations for the night.

Completed Neighborhoods/Routes

  • Priority 1 Snow Routes
  • Priority 2 Snow Routes
  • School Zones
  • Commercial Alleyways
  • Roadway to Landfill
  • Baler Building Operations

Neighborhoods that were focused on today include but are not limited to:

  • East of 10th Ave E and North & South of the I-94 East Business Loop
  • South of the River and North of 8th ST SW between State Ave and 6th Ave E
  • Commercial and Residential North of the Interstate
  • South of Broadway and North of the River
  • North of the Interstate and South of 15th St W — West of The I-94 West Business Loop
  • North of Villard and South of 9th ST E between 4th Ave E and 10th Ave E

To aid in the save and efficient snow control effort, drivers are requested to provide a safe interval of at least 100 feet between their vehicle and snow control equipment. Drivers are also requested to not pass operating snow removal equipment.

The latest road conditions can be obtained by calling 5-1-1 or visiting

Consider downloading the Dickinson Works app from the App store or Google Play to get the latest information regarding snow routes and removal status. Additionally, monitor our social media pages for updates.

Interactive Snow Route Map

Dickinson Works: App Store or Google Play

ND Road Conditions

Today’s Snow Removal Operations: The colored dots show City Crew operations only, the contractors working with the city crews are not represented on this map.

Last modified: April 24, 2022

One Response to " Winter Storm Operations – April 24, 2022 – Evening Update "

  1. John geary says:

    13th street east still waiting for plows. Not touched yet

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