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Winter Operations Update – December 14, 2022

December 14, 2022


Last modified: December 15, 2022

2 Responses to " Winter Operations Update – December 14, 2022 "

  1. Mary f says:

    So nice the guys are out there doing their job. Streets get plowed, then they come with the 2nd one to open driveways, then the 3rd comes and pushes it back in after your own clean up. What a guy!!!!! Merry Christmas.

  2. Tammy Mackey says:

    Thanks for your work keeping our city plowed. It’s a big job for sure.
    Just 1 thing that does take place. Many times in the past our street is forgotten to be plowed and we have lots of traffic. We have like 15 townhomes on 9th Ave East, 300 block. The plow does go north up 9th Ave East to 3rd street then STOPS AND turnsto next street but then the next block NORTH(ours) is forgotten. Please do the 1 more block NORTH ON 300 BLOCK-500 BLOCK. WE WOULD APPRECIATE IT.

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