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City Commission Meeting – January 10, 2023

January 10, 2023

Meeting Packet:

Stream Link

Teams Meeting:           

Meeting ID:  289 326 837 239

            Meeting Passcode: A6CLYT

Teams Phone #: +1 701-506-0320

Phone Conference ID:  754 572 009#

Local Phone #: 701-456-7006

Last modified: January 11, 2023

One Response to " City Commission Meeting – January 10, 2023 "

  1. Terry jahner says:

    Now that we have those avl plugins why can’t there be a live view of the roads being cleared in real time for the public to see I’ve called in over a year ago and had asked about this that way we can be able to move vehicles off the road because there the notice that we get is either really vague or we will be there and you look outside and the already coming down the road not enough time
    also not everyone has Facebook which I have brought up to several people that work for the city and they all agree that not everyone has it but yet the city continues to push Facebook Facebook Facebook when back in the day things just be on TV and radio even though the city has the Dickinson app that you want us to use use the notification that they will be plowing in your area the last two storms never came through
    but last spring when we had them heavy, wet snow we got them but the plows already came down your road so no vehicles got moved if you want help in moving vehicles off the road there needs to be better communication from the city to the citizens of Dickinson with reasonable time

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