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Traffic Citation Information

You’re visiting this page because you’ve received a traffic citation in Dickinson Municipal Court and want to know what to do! For more in-depth information on the options available to you, please visit the Municipal Court webpage at

How to pay:

At this time, Municipal Court is in the process of implementing an online payment option.  Until online payments are available,  your citation(s) can be paid by a credit/debit card over the phone during business hours (701) 456-7770, or in person via cash, card, or check at the Dickinson City Hall building, 38 1st Street W, Dickinson, ND.  Payments may also be placed in the drop-box behind City Hall after hours. Please only pay via check using the drop-box, in an envelope with ‘Attn: Municipal Court’ on the front. Indicate the citation number on the check memo.

How to fight the citation:

If you wish to plead not guilty you must request a hearing and post the required bond indicated on the citation within 14 days of the offense date. The bond will be returned to you if you are found not guilty. By law, an Administrative Traffic Trial must occur within 90 days of the offense date.

Points Schedule – ND DOT:
Click here for the points schedule for ND. If you’d like to check the status of your ND Driver’s License, click here.
For information on getting points reduced on your driving record by attending a Defensive Driving Course, visit the ND DOT here.

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