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Interim City Administrator

Name:  Dustin Dassinger


Phone: 701.456.7739

The City Commission established the position of City Administrator in 1996. Since establishing the position, there have been only six City Administrators.

The City Administrator works for the City Commission to insure their plans and priorities are carried out by City staff. The City Administrator is the leading authority that provides effective municipal services through the coordination and direction of all City finance and personnel activities. The City Administrator oversees the day to day functions of the city and coordinates the City departments including Police, Fire, Engineering, Finance, Assessing, Public Works, Library, and Museum. Other departments which have indirect involvement of the city administrator include: Airport, Public Transit and Municipal Court.

Duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator include: presenting recommendations and information to enable the City Commission to make decisions on matters of policy, representing the City Commission in public meetings, before the US Congress, State Legislature, and other elected bodies, serving on various boards, committees, commissions, and statewide organizations, etc. as directed by the City Commission, maintaining a sound fiscal position for the City through the preparation of the annual budget, responding promptly and positively to all inquiries and requests of citizens, and disseminating information regarding City activities.

The City Administrator has all of the authority and responsibility of the City Auditor, a position referenced in state law and City Code.

Official Documents

–   Budget Book
–   City Charter
–   City Dashboard
–   Comprehensive Plan
–   Document Portal
–   Federal Award
–   Fee Schedule
–   Financial Audit
–   Maps
–   Renaissance Zone Plan
–   TIF Policy & Application
–   Title VI Policy
–   West Dickinson Plan

Public Notices