Dickinson Museum Center: Lose track of time Open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, year round

The Dickinson Museum Center is a good place to lose track of time – especially now, when the 12-acre museum campus is in the midst of an extraordinary period of opportunity and growth. The changes happening are due, in part, to the City of Dickinson’s recent acquisition of the Dakota Dinosaur Museum.

The dinosaur museum will no longer be called “Dakota,” but will be considered the natural history section of the Dickinson Museum Center campus. Visitors at the natural history museum will see thousands of fossil and mineral specimens, including a complete triceratops skeleton excavated in the region. The White River mammals are also featured in the natural history museum, as well as glow-in-the-dark fluorescent minerals. The addition of the natural history component complements and completes the museum experience for the traveling public. But, the Museum Center offers much more. From pre-history to the present, the museum campus also features heritage exhibits, classes and demonstrations, educational programming, and special events.

The regional history museum is also undergoing dramatic changes. The planned timeline-themed exhibit offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the people who lived in the area and their ways of life. From the first inhabitants to the sodbusters, oilfield roughnecks, and business-minded entrepreneurs, the steadfast spirit of the west lives on in the history of its people.

Focusing on homesteaders, the Pioneer Machinery Building houses the early farm and home equipment that helped the pioneers survive in a new and often harsh environment. A short walk up the hill opens the way to Prairie Outpost Park with its original and reproduction buildings. The Northern Pacific Railway Depot, pioneer house, Nord Dakota Herold newspaper print shop, general store, fieldstone farm house, one-room school and prairie church, and much more await. The park is a lovely and convenient place to relax, picnic, and learn more about the area and its history. Guided tours are available of the out buildings Memorial to Labor Day.

Manager: Museum Coordinator

To Learn More Visit the Museum Website at: www.dickinsonmuseumcenter.com

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