The Street Maintenance Manager supervises the day to day operation of the Street Maintenance Department. The work of this division includes such assignments as street patching, snow removal, street cleaning, and small scale street reconstruction projects.

The Street Maintenance Manager supervises six full-time employees, several seasonal employees during the summer months, and additional equipment operators and contractors hired to assist in snow removal as needed. Due to the limited size of the full-time staff, each staff member in this division is skilled in several areas of street maintenance.

Depending on the demands of the division and the time of the year, staff size of this division can vary substantially. For instance, in the summer months several seasonal staff are hired, who are assigned to various needs, such as street patching, preparation for seal coat projects, etc… During storm events in winter or summer, additional staff and contractors are hired to make sure said events are managed and controlled in the most efficient manner possible.

Manager: Public Works Director

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