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Dickinson Youth Commission

The Dickinson Youth Commission (DYC) was established by the City Commission of the City of Dickinson on August 3, 2021 (Resolution 24-2021) and is comprised of teenagers  between the ages of 15 and 18, advocating on behalf of young people in Dickinson.

The DYC serves as an advisory body to the City Commission in matters related to the needs of youth in Dickinson and promotes youth involvement in the community.

The Youth Commission aims to provide opportunities for youth service & development, participation in various volunteer activities and to offer young people a means for their voices to be heard in the local government decision making process.

Youth interested in joining the DYC may apply by filling out an application.

Official Documents

–   Budget Book
–   City Charter
–   City Dashboard
–   Comprehensive Plan
–   Document Portal
–   Federal Award
–   Fee Schedule
–   Financial Audit
–   Maps
–   Renaissance Zone Plan
–   TIF Policy & Application
–   Title VI Policy
–   West Dickinson Plan

Public Notices