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What does the project consist of?

• Installing new water main and sanitary sewer.
• Installation of water service lines to existing meter pits.
• Installation of fire suppression service lines and fire hydrants.
• Engineering for storm water and street reconstruction will take place throughout the 2023 calendar year. Construction is anticipated to take place during the 2024 construction season. This project is anticipated to be partially paid for with a Special Improvement District.

What area is included with the project?

• Portions of Lane’s Subdivision and Burwick First and Second Subdivisions.

What is the timeline for the project?

• Advertisement for Bid: March 8 through March 30, 2023
• Bid Award at City Commission Meeting: April 18
• Anticipated Construction Start: End of June 2023
• Anticipated Construction End: End of October 2023

What is the history of the project?

• Annexation was approved in 2010
• Preliminary engineering began to evaluate the project in 2016. Later that year, the project was put on hold.
• In 2020, A State Water Commission grant was awarded to the City of Dickinson for the design and construction of the water main and services. 60% of the grant is State of North Dakota funded, 40% of the grant is City of Dickinson funded.
• Later in 2020, meetings with landowners within the project area took place.
• In January 2023, a work session with the City Commission was held and it was decided to move forward with the project as described above.

Will there be a public involvement meeting about this project?

• A public involvement meeting will be located at City Hall on 30th day of March 2023 at 4:00 pm Mountain Time. Please attend the meeting to discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding this project.

What will this project cost me?

• The new water main and sanitary sewer being constructed in 2023 utilizing a State of North Dakota Water Commission grant to aid in covering the expense of the water main portion of the project. The remainder of the water main and sanitary sewer will be paid for by the City of Dickinson.
• Fees for the water and sanitary sewer connections will NOT be required by the City of Dickinson as part of this project for only those buildings that are currently constructed based on the date of this letter. The fees are based on a 1-inch water service meter.
        o Water service fee = $3,000.00
        o Sanitary Sewer fee = $1,800.00
• The storm water and street reconstruction are currently planned to include asphalt pavement with curb and gutter. No on-street parking will be allowed due to the narrow street section planned for the project. Storm water improvements are anticipated to be limited due to the existing underground utilities and the narrow right-of-way widths.

Will fire services be included with the water main?

• Fire hydrants will be installed in the public right-of-way.
• Fire suppression service lines will be installed as per the request of the property owner. These line suppression lines are to be paid for by the property owner.

What will the installation process involve?

• Meter installation
• Sewer hookup – timeline for existing buildings
• New buildings requiring water and/or sanitary sewer services will require the property owner to pay the fee for the service as per the City of Dickinson Fee Schedule.

How will construction impact traffic in the area?

• During the construction, there may be temporary lane closures and detours in place to accommodate the construction activities. The City will work to minimize disruptions to traffic as much as possible.

Will there be any disruptions to water or sewer services during construction?

• There may be temporary disruptions to water or sewer services during the construction, but the City will provide advance notice to affected residents and businesses and will work to minimize any inconveniences.

How will the project affect local businesses and residents?

• The construction may temporarily impact local businesses and residents with closures and construction activities; however, the long-term benefits of the improved infrastructure will outweigh the short-term disruptions.

Will there be any environmental impact from the construction?

• The City will take measures to minimize any environmental impact from the construction, such as properly disposing of waste materials and minimizing dust.

What safety measures will be in place during construction?

• The City will have safety measures in place during the construction to protect workers, residents, and motorists. These may include temporary barriers, signage, and other safety equipment.

Are there any alternative routes or detours planned during construction?

• The City will provide advance notice of any road closures or detours during the construction, and will work to provide alternative routes to minimize disruptions to traffic as much as possible.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about the project?

• Residents and businesses can contact the City of Dickinson's Engineering Department at (701) 456-7020 or at with any questions or concerns about the project.

What is the monthly cost comparison of South West Water vs. City of Dickinson?

• The table below includes the estimated monthly costs for water usage for both Southwest Water Authority and the City of Dickinson which shows a cost reduction from the City of Dickinson.
Usage (gallons) City of Dickinson (total monthly fee) Southwest Water Authority (total monthly fee) Difference (City of Dickinson vs Southwest Water Authority)
1000 $22.07 $61.79 ($39.72)
5000 $52.57 $112.97 ($60.40)
10000 $79.07 $164.15 ($85.08)
15000 $105.57 $215.33 ($109.76)
20000 $132.07 $266.51 ($134.44)
25000 $158.57 $317.69 ($159.12)

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