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Pooch Pool Party

June 29, 2020

Thursday, August 18, 2020
5:30 PM Small Dogs (less than 30 lbs)

6:30 PM Large Dogs ( more than 30 lbs)
West River Community Center, 2004 Fairway Street, Dickinson, ND
FREE Admission

It’s a party for the pooches!  All pool chemicals will have been turned off for 24 hours, so it’s safe for the pups.  Dog owners may only enter up to ankle or calf height. Donations are welcome and will be used towards improvements at our Dickinson Dog Park.  There will be doggie bags available and prizes awarded during the small and large dog hour.


1.  To ensure safety and a fun time for all dogs, please bring your furry friend at the correct time allotted (see times above).

2.  Pooch Pool Party Rules

–Dogs must be on a leash six feet or shorter at all times, until entering the water.  No retractable leashes.

–One leashed dog per one adult (age 18 or over), please. Anyone under the age of 18 must be under parental/guardian supervision.

–Dogs must be current on vaccinations and are expected to be well behaved and social around adults, children and other dogs.

–Please do NOT bring dogs under the age of four months, dogs in heat, or a dog that becomes easily frightened, agitated or aggressive to this event.

–All owners will be expected to clean up after their dogs. Bags will be provided.

–Dog owners are only allowed in the water up to ankle/calf depth, due to health regulations.  

–Pool capacities will be monitored on-site to allow for a safe and fun event.

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