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Theodore Roosevelt Virtual Symposium & Theodore Roosevelt Association Virtual Annual Meeting

September 24, 2021

September 23-26, 2021
Annual Theodore Roosevelt Symposium in conjunction with Dickinson State University.
Medora, ND
Contact: 701-483-2814

The Theodore Roosevelt Symposium and Theodore Roosevelt Association Annual Meeting will be held virtually through Zoom. In addition to conversations with our featured speakers – Tim Egan, Duane Jundt, Jeremy Johnston, and Char Miller – we are offering a creative virtual tour of Roosevelt’s footprint in North Dakota, including sites in and beyond the Badlands. We will also provide a look at North Dakota’s TR activities, including developments at the Theodore Roosevelt Center, the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, and the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

The symposium theme is TR’s western “arena”—his western travels, western adventures, western friendships, and western conservation policies. Roosevelt’s years in the Dakota badlands transformed him from a physically frail easterner into one of the American West’s champions (and cultural inventors) and opened a much wider world in which Roosevelt sought to find both personal and national renewal. Join us as we chart Roosevelt’s encounters with western individuals, western landscapes, western experiences, and the ethos of the American West, and assess their impact on his life and his presidency.


All event details are subject to change. Please reference event websites for updates.

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