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Information Technology Manager

Name: Aaron Meyer


Phone: 701.456.7805

Mr. Meyer is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT functions for the City of Dickinson. IT functions include: hardware and software support, network maintenance, radio and cellular communications, digital records, phone system support, as well as, a variety of other categories involving the use of electronic technology.

Mr. Meyer is also responsible for updating the City’s website, Citizen Concern Center, Channel 19, and all other media outlets providing information to the public.

If you have suggestions on topics for the Citizen Concern Center or Public Service Announcements on Channel 19, please contact Mr. Meyer.

Official Documents

–   Budget Book
–   City Charter
–   City Dashboard
–   Comprehensive Plan
–   Document Portal
–   Federal Award
–   Fee Schedule
–   Financial Audit
–   Maps
–   Renaissance Zone Plan
–   TIF Policy & Application
–   Title VI Policy
–   West Dickinson Plan

Public Notices