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Document Explanations:

This will give a brief overview of the types of documents required for the building permit applications.

  1. Site Plans
    • The site plan is a top down view of the whole property showing how far the proposed building is going to be from the north, south, east and west property lines.
  2. Building Plans ¼’’= 1-foot scale
    • The building floor plan is a technical drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns and other physical features at one level of a structure.
  3. Landscape Plan
    • This plan is a completed landscape design, detailing all elements for the new landscape. This usually takes of a drawing on paper.
  4. Emergency Management 911 Address letter
  5. Flood Plain Levels
  6. Southwest District Heath Unit Application

Required Documents:

This will break down the documents that will be required for the different permits the City of Dickinson offers to the public.

  1. New Residential Building:
    • Site Plan
    • Building Plans ¼’’=1-foot scale
    • Pictures of site prior to construction
    • 911 Address letter
    • Flood Plain Levels
    • SWDHU Sewer and Water Application (only applicable to ETZ/County builds)
  2. Residential General Alterations/Additions:
    • Site Plan
    • Pictures of the site prior to construction
    • Building Plans ¼’’= 1-Foot scale
    • Flood Plain Levels
  3. Residential Interior Remodel:
    • Site Plan
    • Building Plans ¼’’-1-Foot scale
  4. Residential Accessory Structure
    • Site plan
    • Material List

Note: its good to have a building plan for a bigger accessory structure such as a garage or shop.

  1. Residential Deck (New, Addition and Alteration):
    • Site Plan
    • Material List
  2. Commercial Buildings (New, General Alteration, Accessory Structure and Additions):
    • Site Plan
    • Pictures of site prior to construction
    • Building Plans 1/8’’-1-Foot scale
    • Flood Plain Levels
    • Landscape Plan
    • 911 Address letter (only required for new buildings being erected).
    • SWDHU Sewer and Water Application (only applicable for ETZ/County builds)
  3. Fence permit:
    • Site Plan

Note: before placing fence it’s good to find where your property pins are located.

  1. Parking Pad Permit:
    • Site plan

Note: be sure to provide the length and width of the parking pad you are wanting to do. It also must meet the City of Dickinson Municipal Code requirements of Lot Drainage 7.070.

Official Documents

–   Budget Book
–   City Charter
–   City Dashboard
–   Comprehensive Plan
–   Document Portal
–   Federal Award
–   Fee Schedule
–   Financial Audit
–   Maps
–   Renaissance Zone Plan
–   TIF Policy & Application
–   Title VI Policy
–   West Dickinson Plan

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